April 27, 2010

A Designer of Distinction

Photo: Michelle Pfieffer Dangerous Liasons

Nancy always says that some designers have such a love of design that they even design in their sleep. The dreaming, the creation, the production of the design is the air that they breathe and their motivation to continue on when life is difficult. Mary Rose is this designer. Designer, Mary Rose, Nancy's dear friend has had a long career in design...Designer Showhouses, Hollywood movie sets, grand old oceanfront estates. Through successes and disappointments her passion for design has never left her. Mary Rose lives in another time and in her design. She has a love of all things romantic and vintage. Long hair, wide brim straw hat, lace, cashmere wrap, tea gloves. Mary Rose is a designer of distinction..what a gift to know her.

Photo: 1706 Mezzotint by John Simon