June 18, 2010

City Girl

Nancy and I are both city girls. Nancy says that the city gave her glamour. Her inspiration came from the colors of broken beer bottles along the curb, the rust on a bridge, graffiti along the train tracks. Growing up, I remember my dear friend, Jeff Henriquez, now an accomplished artist with fine art degrees, started with painting graffiti in the city. Since he was without canvases, he would paint life size art installations on his bedroom walls..what passion and talent! I have included his work below. His artwork is so powerful. I'm in awe when I view his art, remembering hanging out with him as teens and realizing what a god given talent was inside of him even back then.

It also reminds me of Patricia Fields, legendary stylist for Sex and the City. Fields is a master of urban chic. She is a native New Yorker, clearly influenced by the city, both the grit and the glamour. Through her styling of Sex and the City, Fields launched a fashion movement.

As part of our design, we are incorporating our client's logo in a graffiti or tattoo style lettering on one of the walls of FRINGE, the boutique we are designing in Windham, New Hampshire. I love the look of hard edge urban chic set against glamour and finery.

Photo: Sarah Jessica Parker Source: http://www.fashionfeen.files.wordpress.com/

Photo: Designer, Philippe Starck, Ramses Restaurant Madrid, Spain

Photo: Juicy Couture Rodeo Drive

Photo: Patricia Fields, Legendary Costume Designer for Sex and the City

Photo: Painting, "Knuckles" by Jeff Henriquez

Photo: Painting, "Drummer" by Jeff Henriques Jeff painted this live during the concert while the drummer performed...even more impressive.

Photo: Artist, Jeff Henriquez

Photo: Our graffiti/tattoo inspired design for FRINGE Boutique by talented artist, Susan Seifer.

Rachel Hazelton is an Interior Designer from Middleton, MA with design projects in Andover, MA, North Andover, MA, Lynnfield, MA, Boxford, MA, Topsfield, MA, Boston's North Shore and throughout New England.