July 13, 2010

Method Behind the Madness

I'm not sure at what point I stopped apologizing for how my studio looked...boxes stacked, fabric books and design magazines piled in a corner, shopping bags of fabric hung on door handles. I'm always sort of amazed when I see those photos of design firms with that perfect sparse modern look...walls of file cabinets, long clean conference tables with only a set of blue prints..magazine tear sheets neatly organized. Seriously?! Who works there?

Monday morning, while Nancy and I were working in the studio preparing to meet with our clients for the week, the chaos of bags filled with fabrics from our shopping trips last week and rug samples and magazine tear sheets everywhere was such a sight that I asked Nancy to snap a photo. From that mess we created three different gorgeous design projects that we presented this week...after organizing the studio. However, we ran out of space on the table and had to prop one project on a chair.

Presentation #2: A Sitting Room in shades of Water Blue and Champagne

Inspiration Photo: Designer, Barbara Barry with tear sheets at her feet.

Inspiration Source:http://www.dressdesigndecor.blogspot.com

Presentation #1: A Dining Room in Taupe, Silver & Chocolate

Inspiration Photo: Giada De Laurentiis, Town and Country Magazine

Presentation #3: A living Room & Dining Room in Smokey Lavender Gray, Deep Aubergene, Chocolate, Malt & Gold

Inspiration Photo: Kalle Gustaffson Source: http://www.dustjacketattic.blogspot.com

Inspiration Photo: Christian Louboutin

The Before Photo...sorting through shopping bags and boxes, wallpaper and fabric books.

Photo: Tabitha Sherrell http://www.sherrellphoto.com

Photo: Internationally known Interior Designer, Mario Buatta at work, Architectural Digest

Rachel Hazelton is an Interior Designer from Middleton, MA with design projects in Andover, MA, North Andover, MA, Lynnfield, MA, Boxford, MA, Topsfield, MA, Boston's North Shore and throughout New England.