August 15, 2010

Tearsheets and Madness

Yesterday, I realized that my car had a flat tire. In order to get to the spare, I had to empty the trunk. This was no easy task since my trunk is filled with boxes of old design magazines, carpet samples, bags and bags of fabric swatches and lots of high heel shoes I thought were missing. Obviously, it is time to do some space clearing. However, instead of throwing away the boxes of old magazines, I found myself sitting on my dining room floor reading the design magazines and tearsheeting a picture of Oprah in a cantaloupe colored shirt, a page of cantaloupe melon balls..a room with canataloupe colored drapes. How could I throw these away? I need them for my inspiration boards.

Our inspiration board that hangs above our work table is the direction that we plan to head in design that year or season. When we had the shop, it always amazed us that clients would walk by the gorgeous sofa or Italian chandelier and instead walk directly over to our design boards. Inspiration boards are an outward expression of the heart of the designer.

Below, I have included a video by Ralph Lauren that speaks to the heart of a designer, Ralph Lauren: Portrait of A Collection. Nancy and I, along with our designer friend, Mary Rose, often describe design as both a blessing and a curse. It keep us up at night and well, as Nancy says, "Life gets in the way of design.". Sounds terrible, like an obsession but in fact it is. At times, the movie in my mind wears me out and fortunately more often than not, it is as Ralph Lauren describes in the video, "exhilarating".

Photo: Ralph Lauren Source:

Ralph Lauren: Portrait of A Collection

Photo: Nathan Copen for Ralph Lauren via

You can press pause on the ipod at the bottom of the page to stop the music from playing during the video.

Photo: Designer, Kelly Wearstler

Photo: Phillip Lim's Inspiration Board for Fall 2010 via

Photo: Phillip Lim via

Photo: Michael Kors Inspiration Board for Fall 2010 via

Photo: Michael Kors Fall 2010

Photo: Marchesa Inspiration Board Fall 2010 via

Photo: Marchesa Fall 2010 Source:

Photos: Designer, Suzanne Kasler Source: Atlanta Homes

Photo: Our Design Board for 2010 Photo Credit:

Photo: Bobbi Brown Inspiration Board Source:

Photo: Bobbi Brown via Elle

Photo: Barbara Barry's Inspiration Board Source:

Photo: Barbara Barry via Kravet's Inspired Styles

Photos: Daniela Kamiliotis,Costume Designer & Vice President of Ralph Lauren's Women's Collection Source:

Then, there is Chanel. Her life story is truly inspirational. It is especially fascinating that when Coco Chanel died at the age of 87, they found only three complete outfits in her closet. Next time you visit Paris, you must visit her apartment at 31 Rue Cambon.

Coco Chanel in her studio.

"There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no other time." - Coco Chanel

Photos: Coco Chanel via Google Images