September 3, 2010

Just For Fun

Reading other design blogs, I noticed other designers often include a blog about ten random things about themselves or their ten favorite things. Well, I thought I would include this too since I have many readers around the country and even the world that have somehow found me. Not sure how this has happened...I wasn't really sure anyone was even reading but thanks for your interest.

10 Random Things About Me

1. The only person who has a larger collection of design magazines than me is Nancy. I love this photo. Two of my favorite magazines and high heel shoes.

2. One of the best life lessons I learned in dancing school. Before each performance, our instructor would say, "If you fall down, just get up and keep on dancing.". One of my friends actually danced right off the stage. She climbed back up and kept on dancing.

3. Coffee makes me happy.

4. I'm a child of a couple of former hippies. I was raised as a vegetarian and as a little girl was encouraged to dress myself in order to encourage self expression. I spent my summers running around the neighborhood barefoot and dressed in dancing school costumes.Photo:

5. I'm inspired by music, film and over the top fashion photography. They conjure up scenes and characters taking me to a different time and place. When I design for a client, not only do I design for who they are and how they live but more importantly who they want to be and how they want to live.
Photo: Out of Africa

6. I'm a collector of quotes.

7. I love music....all kinds. I have the useless gift of knowing the lyrics to just about any song. I could totally win that game show, Don't Forget the Lyrics.
Photo: Stevie Nicks Source:

8. I feel naked without my eye makeup.

9. I'm a city girl....and all that that implies...well, maybe not ALL that that implies.
Photo: Catherine McNeil, Vogue Source:

10. I never want to retire. Regardless of what happens in life or the world, I will be designing the rest of my a beautiful design studio or my kitchen table. My love of design and the ability to create beautiful things has been with me since I was a little girl. Nothing can take that from me...

Photo: Legendary Designer, Sister Parish via google images