September 19, 2010

Sheer Fabulous

Sheer drapery is so hot....and I'm not talking about those old fashioned, horrible, looks like "curtains in bag" sheer. I am talking about fabulous sheer with burn out patterns, or shimmery metallic threads woven in or even yes...cashmere sheer. It does exist. Kravet's new luxury fabric line, LIZZO, features a cashmere sheer that is drop dead gorgeous.

The sheer, featured below, is one that we are using for a client's project. It reminds me of fall leaves. The best word to describe this fabric is ethereal.

Photo: Juan Gatti for Vogue Espana Source:

Photo: Nancy at the BDC looking over the large sample of sheer.

Photo: A detail of the sheer in the upper left corner paired with this French document print toile. Notice the irridescent quality of the sheer.


Rachel Hazelton is an Interior Designer from Middleton, MA with design projects in Andover, MA, North Andover, MA, Lynnfield, MA, Boxford, MA, Topsfield, MA, Boston's North Shore and throughout New England.

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