December 29, 2010

Happy New Year

My New Year's Resolutions...

1. Run three road races with my friends Kelly and Jen. Training must start immediately since our first race is St. Patty's the way, I'm not wearing heels.

Kelly Ripa at the NYC High Heel Marathon via google images

2. Take inspiration from design doyenne, Kelly Wearstler and use color fearlessly in 2011....malachite green, grotto blue, chartreuse, purple, hermes orange, laquer red.

Designer, Kelly Wearstler via
Kelly Wearstler via google images

3. Channel my inner domestic goddess.  Cook more, eat less and fluff my own nest.



4. Going Retro: The past ten years, I have been working and building.  Through the years, I've accomplished all that I set out to achieve with challenges and obstacles along the way.  They say the journey is more than the destination...and it has been quite a ride.   As a business woman, I'm a goal setter by nature, so I'm always thinking about and creating what's new and what's next.  This year my list is short.  Actually, I don't  even have a list.  This is my goal...I read earlier this year, that you don't need to recreate yourself, simply, instead you need only to return to your self.
via City Academy

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Anonymous said...

I love your resolutions, Rachel! Thanks for the inspiration!