January 2, 2011

Hollywood Regency Modern

Las Vegas Luxe is how I describe COLOR, a salon by Michael Boychuck at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Designed by Faye Resnick, the salon is a modern approach to Hollywood Regency style. High lacquer white paint and silver leaf finishes, venetian mirror, crystal chandeliers and a wall of translucent white shimmering glass tile. Slightly retro and futuristic at the same time....I can't help but think of the 1968 movie, Barbarella.  I don't know how or why my brain makes associations like this.  I've never even seen the movie.  Somehow, I doubt that images of Barbarella were on Faye's inspiration board but they would have been on mine..

Designer, Faye Resnick at COLOR, A Salon by Michael Boychuck
via LIFE
To view the salon including a photo of the fabulous high gloss white entry doors framed with venetian mirror, please visit the Faye Resnick Design site below.

Paris Hilton with Michael Boychuck
Michael Boychuck via
COLOR Salon via
Jane Fonda as Barbarella 1968
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Linda @ a design snack said...

The movie is a so-so campy romp through space, but you'll love the costumes! And Jane looked fabulous.