January 13, 2011

Winter White

Surrounded by snow and dreaming of warmer exotic locales, brings to mind the all white interior.  I love the peaceful and casual quality, the simplicity.  I live in white.  When I think about an all white interior, I conjure up images of Brigitte Bardot, casual, tan and barefoot yet oozing elegance. 

This white on white interior designed by Lindsey Bond in House Beautiful is particularly evocative.  Her use of frameless, grand scale, antique mirror leaning against the white walls blows me away.  I could move right in. 

All above photos Designer, Lindsey Bond via
House Beautiful
Brigitte Bardot via google images

1 comment:

Katherine Hawkins said...

Rachel... with the crazy amount of white stuff we've got going on outside... I love the examples of the frosty white interiors you've chosen... they are all so serene & soothing yet decidedly hip!