March 3, 2012

L.A. Design Recap

This past week was a whirlwind.  Boston to L.A. then back again.  I flew in Sunday afternoon to attend the Design Blogger's Conference at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel this week.  It was my first time back to L.A. since returning home to Boston eight years ago.  L.A. and I have a brief history in my design career.  Naive optimism and frankly, momentary insanity is what I experienced last time I was in L.A.  This time was no exception.  There is a great Sex and The City episode where the ladies head to L.A. that is especially hilarious.  Sunshine, green tea infusions and the "Brazilian" end up causing the typically hard edge and powerful New York girls to act like completely different women.  I'm always amused by the surreal quality of L.A.. Where else but L.A. would you run into Charro while putting on lipstick in the ladies room?  As always, even amongst the sunshine and ultra chic design, I find the amusement wears off, leaving me with a sense of the ever present all just on the surface quality that L.A. holds.  Possibly it was the ice cold puddle I ended up standing in wearing flip flops while waiting for my ride at Logan Wednesday night that snapped me back to reality.  Anyway, I'm back.
Sex and the City: Sex and Another City Episode

The Design Bloggers Conference had some great takeaways.  My iPhone is filled with notes and quotes and some behind the scenes celebrity dish from Martyn Lawrence Bullard.  Here are just a handful of my favorites.

1. "70's and 80's is the new black." says celebrity designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard referring to what is on trend in decor.  I love the sleek onyx and chrome coffee table covered in fabulous collected luxe objects in Martyn's design of Elton John's Penthouse featured below.  The space has a 70's sexy Halston vibe. 

2. "Cher said, "I think I want to be the first wife of a Maharaja.".... Take that for a design direction." - Martyn Lawrence Bullard  From now on, I am going to encourage my clients to give me over the top design direction such as this.  How fabulous.  Martyn described that his celebrity clients as creative people use interior design to live out their fantasies.  Referring to working with Jimmy Choo founder, Tamara Mellon, Martyn also said that fashion people "want to live their brand.". 
Designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard Cher's Home

3. "We are known for wallpapering the shit out of a room." - Jason Oliver Nixon of Madcap Cottage and Demystifying Design.  I think this is the coolest elevator pitch.  I could have listened to Jason speak all day.  He is super talented, adorable and entertaining.  I almost hit the floor when he gave out a prize to someone in the audience for wearing blue eyeshadow.  He and I could totally hang. 

4. "Today's peacock, tomorrow's feather duster."  Jason shared this quote, one of his mother's favorites with the group.  Isn't that the best?! ....and  he also shared, "It's better to be looked over than overlooked." - Mae West. I couldn't agree more.

Designer, Jason Oliver Nixon

4. "It's how we put together what we see that makes us unique."  - Bunny Williams  Ponder that.  This statement really blew me away.  Truly, it simply is our unique point of view that differentiates one designer from another.  It's fascinating to me that we all walk this same world and yet see things through our own unique lens.  I find this really beautiful and a great takeaway for designers, photographers, all creative types.

5. "My soul as a designer..." a term that Bunny Williams said that grabbed me.  Each of us, any creative person, artist or designer, can reflect and ask oneself, "What is my soul as a designer?".  She explained that her soul as a designer is to create home. She explained this in detail and it resonated with me.  This is really beautiful since design is about living, where we connect, love and our relationships with each other.  
Designer, Bunny Williams

Designer, Bunny Williams