June 11, 2012

5 Favorite Things: West Coast Edition

Last month, one of my oldest friends, Kelly and I headed west and got our tan on literally from Malibu to Laguna Beach.  Somewhere between sunbathing and trips to The Coffee Bean, I managed to squeeze in stops to a couple "design destinations".  Thanks to my iPhone and my discovery of Instagram that lead to an addiction over that weekend, I captured some fabulous design, inspiration, and some simple things I love that I have recapped in this blog I am titling, 5 Favorite Things: West Coast Edition.

Kelly, only looking sweet and innocent here.  I'm looking a bit devilish from the iPhone camera flash.  Note to self..take a Photoshop class. 
1. Design Destination: The Viceroy Hotel, Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica
Since I blog constantly about designer, Kelly Wearstler and her fearless design style, I dragged Kelly on our first night to The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica for cocktails. Of course the hotel is ultra glam with white patent leather studded wing chair style chaise lounges and a black and mirror coffered ceiling. However, I particularly loved the Ladies Room sink and faucet. The counter and sink basin were made entirely of slab carrara marble and the basin sort of extended beyond the wall to the adjoining Mens Room. Of course, as Kelly and the other women were putting on lipstick, I was studying the fabrication of the marble sink. I know, get a life.
The Viceroy Hotel Lobby, Designer, Kelly Wearstler

The Ladies Room at The Viceroy Hotel
Striking a pose at The Viceroy...in a vintage 70's Instagram style.  Thank you to my client Julie for my fab snakeskin bag. ; )
2. Design Destination: Minotti on Beverly Boulevard
Next to Holly Hunt, the Minotti style is probably my favorite modern design aesthetic.  Sleek modern sofas in solid and neutral leather, mohair or linen set against silk Tibetan rugs...love, love, love.  Edited but not sterile, this sexy modern design style perfectly blends masculine tailored design details with feminine glamour.  It's how I want to live..atleast at this moment. 
Kelly at Minotti on Beverly Boulevard

Kelly at Minotti on Beverly Boulevard

3. Inspiration: Street Style
First, I need a camera and a basic photography class because I really should capture what I see as potentially fantastic photographs in the course of my daily life.  I captured this iPhone shot of this young woman walking fast down the Street in Santa Monica while talking on her cell phone with the rollers still in her hair and carrying what appears to be an Hermes Birkin bag.  I guess if you are going to leave the house in your rollers, it is best to also wear your Birkin which kind of says, "Leave me alone.  I didn't have time to take out the rollers but atleast I have a Birkin, so screw.".  Just my interpretation.  Caption as you wish. 

This was another photo I captured on my iPhone walking down the street in Laguna Beach. 

4. Simple Things I love: White Orchids
White Orchids may be my favorite flower.  I favor tons of them in a bed of green moss on a round entry table.    I just think white orchids exude exotic elegance.  This image of a table of white orchids under the white tent at the Farmer's Market caught my eye.

 5. Simple Things I love: The Beach
I love the quote from author Isak Dinensen, "The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears or the sea.".   So true...so true.   
I'm definitely a coastal girl.  I love the beach, the sun and anything on the ocean.  I think I'm going to try out that stand up paddle boarding next month.   Kelly will probably not be joining me for that outing since she has some crazy fear of water.  I think she just watched Jaws too many times. ; )

Laguna Beach